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Phylogenetic Studies

Higher Level Phylogeny of Trichoptera
Phylogeny of the Annulipalpia
Phylogeny of Leptoceroidea
Phylogeny of Calamoceratidae
Phylogeny of Arctiidae
Systematic Studies of Protoptilinae

Revisionary and Monographic Studies

Catalog of the Neotropical Caddisflies
Bibliography of Neotropical Trichoptera
Systematics of Chimarra
Revision of Neotropical Nectopsyche
Systematics of Neotropical Calamoceratidae

Interactive Keys

Faunistic and Biodiversity Studies

Trichoptera of Southeastern Brazil
Trichoptera of Costa Rica
Biodiversity of Minnesota Caddisflies
Trichoptera of Venezuela
Trichoptera of Nicaragua
Trichoptera of Bolivia

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