Marilia simulans Forsslund 1936: 7 [Type locality: China, Sichuan; NHRS; male].

Marilia simulans n. sp.
Fig. 6.
M. The only ex is not output-colored. The type is close to M. lata ULM., deviates however from this particularly by the Nervatur of the forward wings and the formation of the genital appendices. At the forward wing the Discoidaizelle is longer than their handle; the rear branch of the fork 2 is gegabelt, which is to be interpreted probably in such a way that M1 merged partly with R-S 4. If my interpretation of the rear veins is correct, then M and cu are separate by each other well; something within the forking of the M goes a transverse vein to the basal part of the cu fork (5). Nervatur of the Hinterfluegel as with M. lata, but continues to go fork I proximalwaerts.
App. praean., seen by the page, gradually against the point diminishes, point rounded from down broadly elongated with. Ped. genit.: 1. Member almost equivalent broadly, proximally little more thickly; 2. Member relatively somewhat longer than with X. lata. Back segment 10. Segment basally broadly, after in the back course-sharpens; from the page the point is taken off as an extremely fine thorn.
Wing width: 11 mm. N.
N. O. Szechuan: Ufer von Kia-ling-ho zwischen Naupo und Pao-ning-fu 16.V.30 (1 M, im Alkohol).

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