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CUES: Center for Urban Ecology and Sustainability

Pollinator Conservation 2010-2013 LCCMR "Mitigating Pollinator Decline"     Back to front page of CUES website

Bees make honey!   Bees pollinate vine
and garden crops!
  Bees pollinate native plants!!   Bees pollinate fruit
and blueberries!!!
  Bees are fuzzy!

Through education we can better understand what we as individuals can do to help conserve bees. Scroll down to view the sections of the website.

Pollinator conservation, especially of bees, is essential for production of seeds and fruits of native plants and crops. It is an issue that affects everyone of us.

This website is intended to provide a basic introduction to the scientific data on protecting bees and the contribution of insecticides to bee decline. There are numerous factors contributing to bee decline as lack of good quality pollen and nectar, habitat loss, pathogens, Varroa mite, and current bee management practices. This website is not intended to be a review of all relevant research and outreach on Colony Collapse Disorder.  It is an online educational component of the research and outreach program of Vera Krischik. This website is primarily concerned with insecticides and bees. The website contains primary research data papers. Links are provided to the Xerces Society (1971) which is a nonprofit organization (NGO) headquartered in Oregon that protects wildlife through the conservation of invertebrates and their habitat. The Society uses education and applied research to defend invertebrates.


Information on conserving bees Information on conserving bees Websites, bulletins, plant lists, and insecticide lists

The Value of Bees

 Bumble Bee Conservation

2014 bee friending bees workshop

Types of Bees

The US EPA and Pollinators

2013 Krischik's UM  LCCMR Best Bee Plant Poster

Bees and Pesticides

The European Union and Pollinators

UMN Bee Lab website, courses, information

Colony Collapse Disorder

Workshop: Bee-Friending Pollinators

UMN Bee Lab Helping bees
 Conservation and Habitat  LCCMR 2010-2013 Krischik Lab's Research   UMN Bee Lab Best bee plants
 Plants for Pollinators   MN Honey Producers Association
     MN Beekeepers and NGO Public Interest Groups Sue EPA Over Bee-Toxic Pesticides (PAN North America, Center for Food Safety, & Beyond Pesticides 2013)

Watch Dan Rather's Report: Buzzkill (April 2, 2013)





Watch Dan Rather's Report: Buzzkill (April 2, 2013)

Photos L-R: Jerry A. Payne, USDA Agricultural Research Service; Joseph LaForest, University of Georgia; Susan Ellis; Jerry A. Payne; Joseph Berger; Wallpaper: Carl Dennis, Auburn University

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