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Susan Weller

Susan WellerPreferred Campus Mail Address:

100F Ecology Building
1987 Upper Buford Circle
St. Paul, MN 55108



University of Minnesota
219 Hodson Hall, 1980 Folwell Ave
St. Paul, MN 55108
phone: (612) 625-6253
fax: (612) 625-5299

Education:Ph.D. - University of Texas, Austin, TX, 1989.
BA - Grinnell College, with Honors in Biology, 1982.

Research Interests:

As a phylogenetic systematist, I reconstruct evolutionary relationships (phylogenies) using modern techniques of cladistic analysis. Using cladograms, I investigate the evolutionary patterns of morphological structures and behaviors (e.g., courtship behavior), and relate these patterns to more general biological problems. I also use phylogenetic trees to investigate evolutionary patterns of molecules.

My current systematic research centers on higher Lepidoptera - cutworm moths and their relatives (Noctuoidea), tigermoths (Arctiidae), and butterflies. My research bridges both traditional morphological studies and newer, molecular approaches to phylogeny construction. My research focuses on insects of either ecological or economic importance.

Curatorial Interests:

Curator of Lepidoptera, Bell Museum of Natural History

I have curatorial and acquisition responsibilities of Lepidoptera in the Department of Entomology's Insect Museum. My current focus here is on tiger moths (Arctiidae), Noctuoidae and other Macrolepidoptera.


Insect Biology (ENT 3005).
Insect Morphology (ENT 5011)
Principles of Systematics (ENT 5781)
Undergraduate independent study (ENT 5910). Molecular & morphological investigations of lepidopteran evolutionary relationships.

Recent Publications:

Cho, S., Zwick, A., Regier, J., Mitter, C., Cummings, M., Yao, J., Du Z., Zhao H., Kawahara, A., Weller, S., Davis, D., Baixeras, J., Brown, J., and C. Parr. 2011. Deliberately Unequal Gene Sampling: Boon or Bane for Phylogenetics of Lepidoptera (Hexapoda)? Systematic Biology 60: 782-796. Doi10.1093/sysbio/syr079..

Roe, A.D., Miller, D.R., and Weller, S.J. 2011.Complexity in the Dioryctria zimmermani species group: incongruence between species limits and molecular diversity. Annals of Entomological Society. (Submission March 2011) In press

Zaspel, J.M., Weller, S.J., & Branham, M.A. 2011. A comparative survey of proboscis morphology and associated structures in fruit-piercing, tear-feeding and blood-sucking moths in the subfamily Calpinae (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae). Zoomorphology 130 (3): 203-225.

Hill, S.R., Zaspel, J.A., Weller, S.J, Hansson, W.S. and Ignell, R.L. 2010. To be or not to be… a vampire: a matter of sensillum numbers in Calyptra thalictri? Arthropod Structure and development 39 (5): 322-333. doi:10.1016/j.asd.2010.05.005.

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morphology (Lepidoptera: Arctiidae). Thomas Say Monograph Series, 101 pp., 108 figs. Note: was to be published in 2005, but Series did not have enough funding until 2006.

DaCosta, Larson, P.*, M., Donahue, J. and S. Weller. 2006. Phylogeny of Milkweed Tussocks (Arctiidae: Arctiinae: Phaegopterini) and Its Implications for Evolution of Ultrasound Communication. Annals of the Entomological Society of America 99: 723-742.

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Recent Presentations:
Weller, S.J., M. DaCosta, R.B. Simmons, J. M. Zaspel, P.G. Larson, M. Whiting, C. Garza. 2004. National ESA, Salt Lake City. Symposium: Rhopalocera Erotica. “Evolution of courtship and defense behaviors in tiger moths (Lepidoptera: Arctiidae) based on morphology and molecules.”

Weller, S.J. 2004. Dept. seminar, Brigham Young University. “Evolution of Courtship and Defense behaviors in tiger moths (Lepidoptera: Arctiidae)”

Weller, S.J. 2003. Dept. Seminar, Univ. of Maryland. “Evolution of Courtship and Defense behaviors in tiger moths (Lepidoptera: Arctiidae)”

Weller, S.J., R.B. Simmons. 2000. XXI International Congress of Entomology, Brazil. Symposium: Molecular and Morphological. “The Interplay of Morphological and Molecular Phylogenetic Studies in the Noctuoidea (Lepidoptera).”

Weller, S.J., N.L. Jacobsen. 2000. XXI International Congress of Entomology, Brazil. Symposium: Lepidopteran phylogeny. “Phylogeny of Arctiidae (Lepidoptera: Noctuoidea) Based On Immature Stages And Adult Morphology.”

Weller, S.J., R.B. Simmons, K. Williams. 2000. North Central Branch, Entomology Society. “Museum exhibits: from initial vision to practical implementation”

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